Take your investment compliance to the next level.

Global management for the entire company, from the identification of the investment in the budgetary framework of each country or business unit, to the approval process, to the closing and justification of the investment.

It centrally assesses performance, ensuring that it acts in a sustainable manner, in accordance with corporate standards and enabling these investments to be aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With CheckFlow you can cover global management in all countries of operation:

  • Multi-language
  • Multi-currency
  • Management, planning and execution of all types of activities:
    • Congresses
    • Promotional meetings
    • Informative meetings
    • Support for researcher activities
    • Activities with opinion leaders or opinion leaders
    • Sponsorships or advertising
    • Donations
    • Investments in training and research centers, etc.
    • Market studies, regulatory activities, etc.
    • Others
  • Control of approval processes, identification and operational capacity of those responsible according to the type and amounts to be invested, as well as the joint management of agencies and other collaborators.
  • Alignment and measurement of investments, making the Company’s actions in the development of the SDGs tangible at the corporate level (corporate transparency).
  • CheckFlow also integrates with LegalPoint ,Inercya’s solution for the centralized management of legal contracts.
  • Collection of expense vouchers and associated invoices. Checkflow also has integrations with Sharepoint, SAP, Adobe Sign, Veeva (Salesforce), Concur, Promomats, ….. It allows to reconcile and/or aggregate information.
  • It provides a BI environment for the use of tools such as QlikView or PowerBI for the elaboration of dashboards and local and global KPIs.

Discover how the pharmaceutical industry, a leader in global compliance management, has influenced and enabled the development of CheckFlow’s capabilities to make it the most complete, efficient, versatile and customizable solution on the market.

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